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Yonetani Nanami blog post 2017.11.01 (Translated)

Magazine opening page! I’m happy… Also, this cat’s true character is?
2017.11.1 – Yonetani Nanami


Good evening.


Nanachanzu have become… Weekly Shonen Magazine’s opening page!!!
It releases on December 13th.
Please take care of us.
I’ll let you know again when the release date comes closer!



It’s the cat from during the photo shooting of the magazine…
It’s cute…



This cat!?!? (laugh)
The true identity is Naako!?


What type of person is Naako…?
Maybe a cat… (laugh)


I also properly took offshoot photos, okay! (laugh)
That will be next time.



Now then,
see you later.
Good night.



Translated by: Shino

You can find Yone-san’s original post here. Though it’s a slightly older blog post, I found it cute and short, so I translated it.


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