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Watanabe Risa blog post 2018.1.26 (Translated)

Black Coffee.
2018.1.26 – Watanabe Risa



Good evening~



I am considerably late…

Thank you very much for the National Handshakes
of last week’s Saturday and Sunday


This was the first Osaka National Handshake 🐙
There were many people I met for the first time, and I was able to talk about many things
I had fun. ☺︎


Many people also came to Makuhari,
Thank you very much!!


Amazingly, at Makuhari,
I was in the same lane as my beloved Oze, so I was very happy ♡♡








The next one is the Makuhari individual handshake on February 3rd

I’ll be waiting!!


See you later \( ¨̮ )/



Translator: Shino

You can find the raws here.

MonaRisa is back even though Risa only talks about her love for Ozeki. Ozeki is actually great though. She’s kind. She’s pretty. To be honest, she’s great.

With the new tagging system that we have for blogs, I realized that we haven’t translated any of Pe-chan’s blogs. Typing in Watanabe to tag, only Risa-sama shows up. Ah, but Pe-chan might be one of the only members who hasn’t updated her blog in the new year yet?

Let’s wait for Pe-chan. Hopefully, she’s recovered from the flu.


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