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Watanabe Risa blog post 2017.12.22 (Translated)

Naako-chan from below
2017.12.22 – Watanabe Risa




The other day, KOWA-san’s “3D Mask”
new commercial was released!!


This outfit was created for the sake of this shooting ☺︎



Everyone, use the 3D mask to take measures against catching a cold, okay!



Notices ◯

The anan that everyone in Keyakizaka appears in
and non-no’s February edition, both are in release!!

Please get your hands on them and take a look ☺︎


Today, we performed on Music Station Super Live.

It broadcasts at 19:00 on TV Asahi!

Take a look~~


Bye bye \( ¨̮ )



Translator: Shino

Ah, Risa-sama’s blog. I have translated this one. I didn’t notice it before, but she signs only her given name and does it in hiragana. Cute. You can find the raws here.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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