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Watanabe Risa Blog English Translation (2015-11-15) : 1st day of the Omitatekai

こんばんは(^o^) / Good Evening!

渡邉理佐です! / It’s Watanabe Risa!

”お見立て会”1日目が終わりました。/ The first day of the Omitatekai has ended.
ありがとうございました!!/ Thank you very much!
来てくださった方、楽しんでいただけましたか??(*^^*)/ For those who was able to come, did you have fun??

緊張して上手に話せませんでした、、/ I was so nervous I wasn’t able to speak properly.

そして14日は美波の誕生日♡ / And on the 14th it’s Minami’s birthday.
17歳おめでとう☆〜(ゝ。∂)/ Congratulations on turning 17 years old.

写真はおだななとです(笑)/ It’s a photo together with OdaNana.

また明日も宜しくお願いします!/ Tomorrow too, please take care of me.

りさ / Risa


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