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Noujo Ami’s Blog 2018.10.05 : To All of You (English Translation)


人生の中で最も そしてはじめて、自分で大きな決断をしたと思っています。











この決断をしたのは 一年半前の全国ツアー中の時です。

自分なかの直感みたいなもので 次へ進もうという気持ちがふと湧いてきました

きっと私がこういう気持ちになったということは ここで自分がやれる事はやりきったと思えたし、悔いがないと思えた

あとは 目標や将来のビジョンが明確になったから。







いろんな壁を乗り越えて汗と涙を一緒に流して 確かな心の繋がりを感じさせてくれた大好きな同期の皆


最初は怖がられてたけどなんとかちゃんと仲良くなれたし。笑 ほぼ同期かな思うくらい大好きな二期生の皆


そしてがむしゃらで何事にも全力で取り組む 乃木坂の明るい未来を作っていってほしい三期生の皆






背中を押し続けて 光を照らし続けて 私がアイドルになった意味を教えてくれたファンの皆様。























A positive one step forward.



In my life, I think this is the first, and I mean the first time I make a big decision by myself.



I, Noujou Ami
will graduate from Nogizaka46



The making of this decision started one and half year ago,
in the middle of a nation-wide concert tour.



Something like an intuition, the feeling of a wish to move forward within me
had start to well up.



The reason why I feel so must be caused by the thought that I already did everything here and I have no regrets.



And also, my vision and objective of my future has been cleared.



My heart is full of gratitude towards everyone I met here in this place.



The staff(s) who’ve always supported me until the end


My lovely 1st gen who’ve had overcome various walls, always together while covered in sweat and tears, and feels like our heart was connected.


My lovely 2nd gen who seems to fear me at first but then somehow we can get along lol
I even thought we’re in the same gen.


And then, the one who did everything recklessly with all they’ve got
The 3rd gen who I wish can bring a bright future for Nogizaka



In spite of my character of being an idol like this or that
The fans who have always pushed me, kept me shining with their lights, and gave me the meaning of being an idol
it’s all thanks to everyone that I can made it this far.



Even after graduating, I will stay in showbiz.



From now on it’s a new start for me.



I must move forward with my own
and fight my own fight in fine



I’m afraid the handshake event on December 15th will be the last for me.



Until that time, I will do the usual things like update my blog, send a lot of messages on mobame and update 755 as well.



So, until the last day come,
Please take care of me




tranalator: Lacubo


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