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Shiraishi Mai Official Blog English Translation (2018-1-19) : Wan

こんにちは / Hello


2018年も、よろしくお願いします(^^) / In the year 2018, Please take care of me too


去年よりももっと笑顔で溢れる年にできたら。/ I hope this year will be filled with smiles than last year.


最近はですね、/ Recently,


そう!/ Yes!


去年の年末に、歌番組で椎名林檎さんにお会いすることができて、/ At the end of the 2017, In a program I was able to meet Ringo Sheena


お写真撮って頂きました♡ / and we took a picture together.



すれ違った時に声をかけてくださったり、少しお話もさせてもらいました!/ When we passed by each other, she called me and we talked a little.


とっっても素敵で優しくてお綺麗で、更に大好きになっちゃいました。/ She was very lovely, kind and beautiful, I came to like her more.


まいやんって呼んでくださるんです… / She called me Maiyan…
嬉しすぎて泣けてきます…/ Im so happy I could cry…



はぁ♡ / Haa

またお仕事とかでお会いできたらいいなぁ。 / It would be great if we’ll be able to work and meet together again.


去年の年末の、幸せな出来事でした(^^) / It was the end of last year’s happy event.


最近、風邪とか流行ってるから、暖かい格好して手洗いうがいをしっかりしようね。私もする。/ Colds has been popular lately so let’s get dressed up warmly and always wash our hands. I’ll also do the same.



お互いの顎に手を添えて撮ろうと思ったのに、顔を覆われました. / I thought of putting each other’s hand on each other’s chin but my face was covered.


そんなエリカも好き。/ I like this kind of Erika too.
今年はエリカ呼びでいくゼィ!/ This year too, I’ll be calling her Erika!




note: The meaning of her blog title is the onomatopoeia of a dog (like arf-arf or bow-wow)


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