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Shiraishi Mai Official Blog English Translation (2017-08-21) : *smiles*

昨日で25歳になりました(^^) / Yesterday, I became a 25 year old.
なんだか不思議な気持ち。/ It feels a little bit strange.
たくさんの方におめでとうと言ってもらえて幸せです。/ I’ve received a lot of messages congratulating me, I feel happy.
笑顔が溢れる年にしたいと思います。/ I would want this year to be a year filled with smiles.
そして、この方も. / And to this person too.

お誕生日おめでとう!!!!! / Happy Birthday!!!!!
後ろにかわい子ちゃんが隠れてる。笑 / There are cute kids hidden behind. lol
同じ誕生日だなんて、嬉しいよね。/ It makes me happy to have the same birthday.
これからもたくさんいじらせてね♡ / From now on too, please let me bully you a lot <3
よく黒石さん出ちゃうけど、真夏のことは大好きなんです。/ Kuroishisan often comes out but I actually love Manatsu.
恥ずかしいからこれ以上は言いません。/ Since it's embarrassing I wont be saying anything more than this.


ふぅーーー / Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu

エアーロウソク消しでございます。/ We’re blowing an air candle.
また。/ See you again.


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