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Shiraishi Mai Official Blog English Translation (2017-08-02) : Length

こんばんは / Good Day!



大好きなさゆりちゃん / It’s Sayuri-chan that I love


このあと19時〜/  On 19:00 today,
FNSうたの夏まつりに出演します. / We’ll be performing on FNS Song Festival.


お時間ある方は是非見てください(^^) / To those who have the time, please watch it.



空き時間に、桃子がくっついて寝てきました。/ On our free time, Momoko slept snuggling onto me.


お腹かしてくださいって、最初はお腹辺りにいたのに/ She told me ‘please let me borrow your stomach’. At first she slept around my stomach area but



おっぱいで寝るなんて… /  To sleep on my chest…


立派な後輩です。笑 / She’s a splendid junior. lol


頑張ってきまーす!/ I’ll be doing my best!







note: Im not sure about the TL of the blog’s title but the kanji ‘縦’ literally means length, height or vertical.


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