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Shiraishi Mai Official Blog English Translation (2016-08-02) : Push

こんばんは!/ Good Evening!



この前のMステで、裸足でSummerを披露させていただきました!/ Some time ago, we performed Hadashi de Summer on Music Station.



いくちゃんブログにも載せてあったけど、本番前にキメの写真を. / This was also posted on Ikuchan’s blog but here is our just right before the performance posed look.





最近二人でいると、自然にキメポーズをとってしまいます。笑 / Recently when we’re together, I just naturally take a picture of our signature pose. lol


楽しいのよ、彼女といると♡/ Its fun you know, when Im with my girlfriend


皆さんに伝わってるかは分からないけど、、、/ I don’t know if everyone knows about it but



この前のシブヤノオトの中継も、生田さんの肩にもたれてよしよしされてるところを放送されてしまったみたいで。/ Recently, during the Live broadcast of Shibuya Note too, it seems like it was broadcasted how I was leaning on Ikuta-san’s shoulders and how she was patting me.


焦りました、わたしたち、、、笑/ We.. panicked… lol


いくちゃんは甘えさせてくれるの。/ Ikuchan spoils me.


それが嬉しくてよくじゃれあってます。/ Im so happy about it, I often flirt with her.





逆もね♡ / It can also go the other way


今日は生田スペシャルでしたヽ(*´з`*)ノ / Today was an Ikuchan Special




Note: The kanji title of this blog 推 comes from the word 推し which means Oshi/Favorite so I decided to put it as push. Because the meaning of the kanji literally means to push and in the idol context to push or support a member you like. Which in this case is that Maiyan’s oshi is Ikuchan thus explaining the title.


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