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Shiraishi Mai Official Blog (2015-08-02) English Translation : Water

こんにちは!/ Hello!


先週、12枚目の全国•個別握手会がスタートしましたヽ(^^)ノ / Last week the 12th National and Individual Handshake Event has started


セブンイレブン特典ライブも!!/ And also the Seven Eleven Special Live too!!


たくさんの方に来てもらえて、本当に嬉しいです。ありがとうございます!!/ Many people came and I was truly happy. Thank you very much!


昨日今日と握手会の為、名古屋に来てるよ〜〜/ For yesterday and today’s handshake event, I came to Nagoya~~


先週の個別で浴衣を着ましたが、、、今日も着ようと思ってます(o^^o)/ Last week I wore a yukata but… Im thinking of wearing one too today.


来られる方、よろしくお願いします♪ / To those who’ll be able to come, please take care of me


そして、24日のミュージックステーション、29日のFNSうたの夏まつり観てくれたかな??/ And, on the 24th we performed in Music Station and on the 29th we performed in the FNS song festival, I wonder if you were able to watch it???


FNSに出演した時、久しぶりにばっさーに会ったよ(*゚O゚*) / When we performed in FNS, I met Baasa (Honda Tsubasa) after a long while.



またご飯行く約束しました/ We promised to go out and eat together again
キュンでした(*゚O゚*)♡/ My heart was throbbing.


昨日から8月!/ Tomorrow will be the start of August!


もうすぐ誕生日が近づいてます。/ My birthday is already near.


一年経つの早すぎて‥‥(笑)/ The year passed by so fast.. (lol)


残り少ない22歳、楽しめたらなと思ってます!/ I’ll be enjoying my remaining life as a 22 year old!


ツアーももうすぐだねぇ〜!わ〜! / The tour will also start soon~! Waaa~!



ラルム /Larme



いこたんの足がかわいい / Ikotan’s feet is so cute



ポラリス / Polaris


今日も暑いけど、一日頑張りましょう(^_^)ノ / Today’s weather is hot but, let’s do our best for the whole day


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  1. Christofer says:

    Thanks, its like a rocket this Blog translation of maiyan.
    Really like it. still confuse about how you can have the picture of her blog.. well if you have it from back then , then its normal.

    but if you just save it currently. its like impossible thing to do, because the picture in their blog is recycle around 2 months or less or more maybe..

    Still. thank you 🙂
    will looking forward to any member’s blog translation 🙂

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