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Shiraishi Mai Official Blog English Translation (2015-05-05) : Atmosphere

こんばんは!/ Good Evening!


今日は京都で握手会でした(^.^)/ Today was the handshake event in Kyoto


先日は名古屋!/ The other day was in Nagoya!


昨日も今日もたくさんの方が来てくれて楽しかったですし、初めましての方にもお会いできて嬉しかったです!/ Yesterday and today too, a lot of people came and I enjoyed it. I was able to meet some people for the first time I was very happy!


握手は、ノギビンゴのことや、急斜面、夏のツアーなどなど… / In the Handshake event, whether it is about Nogibingo, Kyuushamen, The Midsummer tour, etc.

色んな話をしたなぁ(*^^*)/ We talked about various things


男装の話がとくに多かったかな。/ The talk about my danso was particularly many.


…どうでした?/ How was it?


今まで何回か男装はやったことあったけど、やっぱりなんか変な感じ笑 / I have done Danso a lot of times before but after all, it kinda has a weird feeling (lol)

でも、みんなでワイワイして楽しんでました♡/ But everyone was enjoying it so I had fun


みんなで写真も撮ったの♡/ We also took a picture with everyone


それぞれ男と女の顔になってますね♡/ Everyone had the face of the man and a woman right.

お写真撮ってもらったよん/ I was able to take a picture


きゅんきゅんしてました♡ / Sayunyan was so cute, my heart was throbbing.


プリクラ撮れて幸せなり♪ / I was happy to be able to take a picture with a Purikura


5月25日に2ndアルバム「それぞれの椅子」が発売になります!/ On May 25, our 2nd Album ‘Sorezore no Isu’ will be released!


新曲もたっぷりですし、また新しい乃木坂が詰まったアルバムになってますので、是非楽しみにしていてもらえたら嬉しいです(^-^) / It is filled with a lot of new songs and it has also become an album where you’ll be able to see a new Nogizaka so I’ll be happy if you’ll look forward to it.


46時間TVも再びということで、色々頑張っていきたいと思います。/ And the 46 Hours TV will start again, so I’ll do my best.


乃木恋CMの。/ From the NogiKoi CM


今日も一日お疲れ様でした!/ Today too, Thank you for your hard work!


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