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  1. Spinnaker7 says:

    wow you wasn’t expecting this to be subbed. you guys have been killing it! if there’s any way to help you guys out let me know!

    1. Lacubo says:

      Show me another interesting show. Maybe I will sub it later if that’s interesting enough for me.

    2. Christofer says:

      How about Jounetsu Tairiku’s Asuka last year
      hope you can access it :

      this is the RAW


      btw thank you for the sub, i never think someone will sub this,
      i watch it before w/o sub LOL, now i can watch it again!!! and know what really happen in it 😀

      Will looking forward to your next sub DS!!

    3. Lacubo says:

      Thanks but I have the raw already and someone that I know says he want to sub it, but I’ve heard nothing from him for weeks. If he shows no progress until next week, maybe I will go amd sub it since Asuka is my oshi and I want people to know her more better.

    4. Spinnaker7 says:

      how bout this? Nogizaka46 – Tabisuru 3-nin ~ Kyoto / Kitano Tenmangu with Nana and Manatsu

    5. Lacubo says:

      Hoho tabisuru not subbed yet? I might think about it since it quite good

    6. DS relieved my Depression says:

      Would you sub Chounouryoku Kenkyubu no 3 Nin? or nogizaka no gaku tabi

    7. Lacubo says:

      I’ve seen chounoryoku kenkyubu no 3 nin and I’m not that interested or impressed, so I won’t sub it and for gaku tabi, someone has already done it, so I also won’t do it either.

    8. Aya-chan says:

      I like your name. .. xD

  2. mamatt says:

    thanks DS Team! Nice one

  3. Thanks a lot. I will love to see more movies and dramas in this page.

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