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Shida Manaka blog posts 2016.4.1-4.10 (translated)

Raws from here.

Let’s continue with Manaka’s blogs.

Although there have been some sad things recently, we’ve also perhaps gotten news that Manaka may be coming back soon. At the very least, she’ll be in Keyakizaka’s group photo book.

(Do go ahead and buy that for the last moments of Keyaki’s 21.)


I grew.
2016.04.1 – Shida Manaka




I’ve received your letters. !
Thank you very much!
I would like to read them slowly ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


Recently I bought the gelato pique body mist, but this really smells good.
I get calmed. !


Recently, I bought lots of cosmetics and it’s fun to do makeup!
The packages and such are also cute. The box is also cute. I don’t really throw them away (*^。^*)


Recently, I’ve come to know everyone’s smell. Even in the elevator, I recognize that “Ah! Just now OO rode the elevator!”
I more or less know Akanen and Miyu!


The cherry blossoms are also blooming; there’s a feeling that spring is coming closer!
I look forward to it!


From today, it’s April, huh!
It’s a new month!
Let’s do our best! ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



My bangs grew! I grew!


Well then!



Early rising.
2016.4.2 – Shida Manaka


Good morning-Swanna.


Recently this is my favorite ☆



It’s an arrow bracelet.
It was love at first sight and I bought it ^ ^


Recently it seems like everyone has decided their penlight colors.
What should I do. So I thought.


At first I thought since “black x white” are colors I like, it’s good, but. “Can I see black during lives at night and such?” I thought


In the end, I thought “white x white” was good ^ ^


When you wake up early, isn’t there the smell of the morning.
Somehow there’s the smell of the day of the sports festival from elementary school, how nostalgic! I thought!


Unexpectedly, the smell from day to day is different (「・ω・)「
What sort of smell will there be tomorrow~



I want to drink Starbucks


Well then!



Crane Game
2016.4.3 – Shida Manaka


Yahoo yahooho~ ^^


Everyone, hello.


I’ve finally gone to Keyakizaka!
I went for the first time!
It was a good opportunity before our debut ☆


I went to Jojoen for the first time.
It was really too delicious!
It was too delicious. (T-T)


Heart shaped ice cream.


I played the crane game at the game center for the first time in a while, but as expected, it’s difficult.
Even though I pick up a bunch of toffee candies, I can’t pick up the big candy on top!
But it was fun doing it after a long time~ ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


In the past, I played the card game Love and Berry. Taking that game cartridge, I played it for the first time in a while. And it was super fun. !


Well then!



2016.4.5 – Shida Manaka


Good evening-Herdier!


I was given the chance to appear on the Playboy that releases on April 4th.  ^^




I shot something mature feeling.
Definitely please do get it and take a look ^^


When I noticed, all my belongings were Moomin
My pouches were Moomin x 3. My bag was also Moomin. My notebook was also Moomin. My pen was also Moomin.


From today, Keyakizaka is hijacking Shibuya TSUTAYA shops!
I want to go take a look too~ 。[email protected](・_・)@o。
Everyone too, please definitely go take a look!


Well then!



Debut dosu 。[email protected](・_・)@o。
2016.4.7 – Shida Manaka


(。・ω・)ノ゙ Hey~a ♪

Hello. if I break that down, I get hey~a ↑.
Do you say hey~a?
I don’t say it. !


Today is April 6th!
Today is Keyakizaka46’s debut day!!
When I was told the debut day, I couldn’t really respond, but. When it became today, I felt like waaaAAAH.

(t/l note: please remember that staff look over the blogs, causing the blogs to be posted later than expected)


Also on such a today, I went to SHIBUYA TSUTAYA-san!
I was shop manager for a day! I wore TSUTAYA-san’s outfit and name tag ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



Keyakizaka hijacked the first floor.
When I actually saw it, I was really surprised!

I was also able to write on the large panel and sign.
Truly, thank you very much !!


Please definitely go take a look~ ☆


The “dosu.” in the title. When I wrote the word “desu,” I saw “dosu.”
That’s why, it’s “debut dosu.”


These are offshoots from the individual PV.

The ocean was, anyhow, unbelievably beautiful.
It was blue \( ˙▿˙ )/


Well then!



Baby chwick.
2016.4.7 – Shida Manaka




Yesterday, I got ONE OK ROCK-san’s new DVD ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

After going home, I quickly watched it. And today, I’m also watching it. I’ll watch it many times.
The sound volume is 50!


Has everyone gotten Keyakizaka’s debut single?
Furage means flying get, right.  。[email protected](・_・)@o。

(t/l note: flying get – term meaning obtaining items before they officially go on sale. Often when preordered)


Today, I noticed holding a vinyl bag in one hand, but my right hand’s upper arm got muscle pain. But the muscle pain didn’t happen yesterday. Why.


I want to eaaaaaat MOS burger!!
I love teriyaki burger.



I laugh, and you can see just two front teeth. (laugh)
You didn’t know, right!

Baby chick. Chick.





Short style.
2016.4.8 – Shida Manaka


Good mornin’~


I still haven’t returned the blu-ray machine I borrowed from Oda Nana over two months ago.
I still haven’t returned the manga I borrowed from Yone-san over three months ago.
I still haven’t returned the sports uniform I borrowed from Neru around a month ago.

Everyone, sorry. ^^



I remembered, during middle school, ↑ I did a short style like that, and when I had physical education, the teacher got mad, “Properly tie up your hair.”

After my teacher got mad at me, that day, I couldn’t recover for the whole day.。[email protected](・_・)@o。


I want to buy manga, but I don’t know what to buy.
But the shoujo manga I like the most is ‘Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi”

What are everyone’s recommendations?

The Assassination Classroom anime, which airs late at night is interesting, so I record it every week. !


I realized this recently, but the phrase “to become sulky (ibokuru)” doesn’t get through to the manager-san.
I realized that it’s Niigata’s dialect!
I was too surprised. I said “Eeeeeeeeeeeeh” for a long time.



My hair’s short.

Are you more of a dog person than a cat person?


See ya later Ne~n!

(t/l note: “mata nen~” but stretched out. She’s definitely making fun of Akanen, haha)



Smug face.
2016.4.9 – Shida Manaka


Good evenin’!


I was able to go to TSUTAYA-san before shop opened!




Me and me (laugh)
The angle is the same, so it’s funny


I wrote something new at the bottom today, so please actually go take a look!



Smug faaaaaaaceeee!
I took a photo imitating that!
Do try imitating it! ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


Please actually listen to it! 。[email protected](・_・)@o。


Making various expressions is difficult!
Risa gave me advice.



It’d be nice if I could make different expressions everyday.


See ya!



Waking up early!
2016.4.10 – Shida Manaka


Good evening-ham.


Today was Girls Award!
It was a very good experience.
It was completely different from the lives until now. It was also fun!

Habu was also cute~
Thanks for your hard work! ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


I slept early yesterday, so today, I naturally woke up early (「・ω・)「
I don’t remember today’s dream, but it was very scary.
I woke up at 4:04. Even scarier, I went to sleep with the television on  。[email protected](・_・)@o。

I see dreams everyday, but I sleep lightly.


Recently, I sleep with short sleeves
It’s already quite warm, so I’m happy ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


Kappa mouth


See you later ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka. Shiritori!
2016.4.10 – Shida Manaka


Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka. Shiritori. Apple!

How was today’s LINE live?
It was truly really fun!
Doing movement shiritori seriously was really amusing.

Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi, say Aoko ↑

I was also really happy about the award of excellence.
Unexpected! I felt.
It was really fun. ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝
Thank you very much.


I finally took a picture with Miichan (「・ω・)「



If we do it here, the light flies.

It’s Koike~
So cute. So cute.
She’s a girl.
The Kansai dialect is difficult, huh.
I really can’t speak it.
I’ll learn from Minami.

(t/l note: Manaka writes that passage in Kansai-ben)


Recently, I’ve been into baby powder.
It smells nice.
You’ll become really smooth.
That’s why, yesterday, I made Risa’s hand smooth.


I like the drinkable blueberry yogurt from the convenience story, so before this, when I was riding the elevator, from the distance of the first floor to the fifth floor, I drank it!





Translator: Shino

I don’t think I really need to put my name here, but it’s an old habit from even before I fell for Keyakizaka. Well, you don’t need that story from me who likes to ramble.

Anyhow, isn’t Manaka so cute? Where did such a cute girl come from?

No matter what, I think your tension will go up, and she can wash away just a bit of your troubles. Maybe that’s just me.


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