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Shida Manaka blog posts 2016.3.22-3.30 (translated)

Starting from here. Raws. Let’s go! Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka!! Savor the taste of the past where she did that catchphrase for a while, haha.


Ankake Yakisoba.
2016.3.22 – Shida Manaka


Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka!


Recently, it’s been warm, bit by bit, there’s the feeling of spring.

Today I drank Starbuck’s new drink ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

It was delicious.

Even though there’s still a lot of water in my house, I buy it everyday.
The plastic water bottles in my house keep increasing. 。。[email protected](・_・)@o。
I have to properly drink it all or else it’ll be wasteful. !

While searching for phoos.
Last year’s Christmas with Oda Nana.

Somehow, we’re like a couple.
Aren’t I like a boyfriend.
Oda Nana girlfriend!



Until the 27th, it seems that there’s the Keyakizaka x Mechakari poster at Keio Shinjuku station!
I want to see it!
Has everyone seen it?



Like this, the rain was made fall and we shot it!
Soaked by the rain, running, frolicking around was something I reasonable yearned to do, so. It was super fun!
The sky was also beautiful!

Please definitely take a look.


I also listen to MAN WITH A MISSION-san quite a bit recently


I have many artists I like.
What artists does everyone like?


Well then!



2016.3.24 – Shida Manaka


Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka~ (「・ω・)「Gaoー


Today was the first time in a while that I ate fried senbei!
Though there’s mentaiko flavored fried senbei, this is really delicious!
I realized the deliciousness of fried senbei!


Though I listen to various artists’ songs, it’s mostly rock!
Even when I go to sleep, listening to it and lying down, I naturally fall asleep (-_-)zzz
I’d like to try the drums and such.

I went around Tokyo on the location shoot bus. I saw various different sceneries from what I’d see on the train. It was fun.
More than I thought, there were many sparkling people. [email protected](・_・)@o
Seeing the Tokyo Tower, as expected, I get excited!
It’s very beautiful!
Next time, I’d like to look at it closer!



See you later nen! MonaNen! t/l note: mata nen!


Well then!



The roll of wanting to eat Japanese food.
2016.3.25 – Shida Manaka



Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka~!

Keyakizaka46 was given the priviledge of being B.L.T.-san’s front page!
The shooting was in the pool. It was way too fun (*^。^*)|
Please definitely take a look!


Recently, I bought adidas sneakers!


Cute cute. [email protected](・_・)@o。
I’m going to wear it a lot!


Before this. A foreigner grasped my arm “Excuse me” and asked in English “Where is this shop?”
I could only point using my finger (ToT)
It would have been nice if I could properly talk~.

I want to eat tart cake~.


Rolling the hair style with long bangs is difficult.
The make up artist is really amazing (「・ω・)「


Well then!



Omega Ruby!!
2016.3.27 – Shida Manaka


Good evening waon (「・ω・)「


I appear in HUSTLE PRESS-san’s extra volume!
I tried out the hair style with a wet-feeling that I always wanted to try! ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

In order to raise my excitement level for the extra volume shooting, ONE OK ROCK-san’s song was always playing during the shooting.
It was really super fun!

I couldn’t stop grinning (。-∀-)

Afterward, with this hairstyle, I had lessons (laugh)
I want to do it again!


Today I bought Pokemon Omega Ruby (。>∀<。)
I wanted to report this. I immediately told Neru!
For the time being, I can’t get away from my DS!

I want to catch Growlithe soon.
Since my favorite Pokemon is Arcanine!


Well then!



I got Pokemon!
2016.3.27 – Shida Manaka


Good evening-Arcanine 「・ω・)「ガオー


Yesterday, I already got 7 gym badges (。>∀<。)
When I noticed, it was 5 in the morning!!
I wonder how much time I played yesterday.

But I wasn’t quite able to catch Growlithe.
Though I want it the most.
Today I’ll definitely catch it!

Why is Pokemon this much fun!
I’m really addicted to it!

Won’t a new one come out soon~ ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


Today I got the time to leave the house off by 1 hour. I got 1 hour of free time!
I was really happy, so I played Pokemon (^-^)


My face’s flesh and me.

Getting 1 hour of free time, my excitement rose, and I took a selfie.


Well then!



I caught Growlithe!
2016.3.28 – Shida Manaka


Good morning-Suicune!


My smartphone’s search history became mostly Pokemon (laugh)

Yesterday, I cleared Pokemon!

Amazingly, yesterday, I was able to catch Growlithe!!
I was happy. I definitely can’t let it get away! I thought (「・ω・)「
And then, using a Fire stone, I evolved it into Arcanine!

But afterward, I caught Rayquaza and Deoxys.
Arcanine went to the box. (T-T)
Rayquaza’s mega evolution is super cool!!

Let’s catch more legendary Pokemon!


I talked with Oda Nana about teeth rows.
Saying “Your row of teeth is pretty.”
While talking about when I was small “If the tooth was wiggly, I would wiggle it myself, and it fell out,” Oda Nana also said “Me too!”
“When your tooth falls out, the gums feel nice” We said the same thing (laugh)

We have a point in common~ ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


Oda Nana selected this for me. !


Well then!



Zip Fes.
2016.3.30 – Shida Manaka


Good morning-Electrode!


Zip Fes, thank you very much!
I was happy to be able to appear on ZIP-san that I always watched at my house!
I was also happy to have done my admired ZIP pose  ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

I was also surprised about the comment from Nogizaka-san!
Thank you very much!



Recently, I went to eat shaved ice with Beri, Akanen, Oda Nana, and Nanako at Asakusa!


It was really super delicious.

I wanted to eat the gelatto that had levels of matcha, but there was a long line and I couldn’t eat it.


I want to go again. !


This outfit is really cute. !!


Well then!



Translator: Shino


I hope she’s playing Pokemon during her hiatus too. Pokemon are friends! Pokemon is justice!


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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