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Shida Manaka blog posts 2016.2.02-2.29 (translated)

2016 Feb original posts can be found here. I’ll not over-ramble and just get to it. Let’s go! My-pace Manaka blogs!



Western Film.
2016.2.2 – Shida Manaka




Human Target is interesting. I record it everyday.


The western films after it are also interesting. I like them.


Right now, it’s horror.


I thought that alone, I wouldn’t watch it, but without a watching partner, watching alone, I unexpectedly watched it!


I also look forward to tomorrow’s!


Well then.






2016.2.5 – Shida Manaka




I recently watched the movie called Violetta.


The clothes that appeared were fashionable. The red lipstick was cute.

It was very interesting.


Somehow, I want to tell you my recommended movies.


Though I wrote it before. I recommend Twilight.

Though there seems to be many people who have watched it.


Next time I’ll show Oda Nana.


As Oda Nana appreciates western films the most. I guess I’ll talk to Oda Nana. We’ll watch.


Tell me your recommendations one day~.


Well then.






April 6
2016.2.6 – Shida Manaka


Good evening.


Keyakizaka46 will debut on April 6.


Since our formation in August, in just a blink of an eye, it’ll be in 2 months.


Though there have been many things up till now.


I believe. I have to work much much harder from now on.


I’ll do my best to convey various things to everyone who supports me from now on, up until now, and more.





2016.2.10 – Shida Manaka




I realized that recently, my iPhone’s time has been off by 7 minutes!

Even though it was 5 minutes before, it’s become 7 minutes. !

But since it’s become earlier, I think I definitely won’t be late. !


Recently, the wind has been blowing strongly. It’s cold.

To not catch a cold, I drink R-1.

Please be careful to not catch a cold, everyone!






2016.2.13 – Shida Manaka


Recently. I watched Thirst.
I finally watched it.
Komatsu Rina was way to cute>
It was super interesting!!



In the morning, I made green smoothie and drank it.
It was too delicious. !
Komatsuna, banana, pineapple, and lemon were put in!
Super yummy!


I think I want to drink it tomorrow too. ^^


Blue blue love love blueberry love.


Blueberry ry ry ry!


Well then.



2016.2.14 – Shida Manaka


Today is Valentine’s Day. !


No relations. (*^。^*)
That’s why there was only 1 grain bought and given to myself.


There was a book I wanted, but even going to big stores, it wasn’t there. I went around 5 of them.
I asked the shop keepers. ^^
I went around after noon. It had already gotten dark, so I thought I’d give up at this store. Thinking that.
It was there at the last store.
Sense of accomplishment!!


I slept well today.
Happiness. Happy.


I wonder if anyone put chocolate in the shoe locker today.
Today is Sunday. (laugh)
I wonder if they’ll put any tomorrow.
It’s exciting, huh.



Well then.



2016.2.15 – Shida Manaka


Yesterday, my nose was blocked, and I couldn’t sleep at all.
If I didn’t wake up, I couldn’t breathe, so even though I was sleepy, I couldn’t sleep.


Soon, my toothpaste will run out. Each time I use it, I think “I have to go out and buy some” but I don’t go out and buy it.
I probably apply too much, which is why it quickly runs out.


Even though yesterday was warm, today is cold.
I lost to the temperature difference and have a slight cold. !
Though I have a slight cold, ignoring it, it’ll go away. ! (laugh)
If I think that, it’ll surely get better!
I believe! (laugh)


I hope everyone doesn’t catch it.
Since the influenza’s going around.



I want to exercise. I want to run.

When I went shopping with Risa. We were lined up on the sidewalk walking.
Suddenly she began to run, so I couldn’t follow.


Well then.



2016.2.18 – Shida Manaka


Today I bought the thing that clears your nose. My nose is comfortable.
Being able to breathe from my nose is happinesh!

I also bought the thing that clears the back of your throat. I haven’t exchanged for it yet, but I think it’ll definitely be effective. !


Right now, my voice is so husky that it surprises me. I’m quite into it!
The guy-like feeling.
When I laugh, it’s really a male voice.
But of course I hate colds.
Health is number 1, right~.


The photos can only be from the same time~


Well then.



Yeeeeeeeey aaaaAa.
2016.2.19 – Shida Manaka


Good eveninggggggggaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!


It’s okay to be positive, right. !
I want to always have only confidence.


My voice hasn’t healed.
I dooooon’t know why!
Talking with a half baked voice, the end of the sentence’s words disappear and you can’t hear it!

Right now, husky.
Yay! Husky!

I want my own voice to return soon.
I lick lots of cough drops. I think that I want it to heal quuuuuickly!



Kind of childish, right.


Well then.



2016.2.19 – Shida Manaka


Hellooooooo oooo.


It’s amusing to have waves in words!


Though it’s a little late to say it, look forward to the handshake event.
I think we’ll talk about various things.
I’m nervous on television and can’t talk well, but at handshake events, I’m not nervous and want to talk a lot.
I’ll be waiting for you. |ω・)


Gradually, my voice is healing.
But Habu told me that it was cool, so it might be okay to be like this for a little longer.


But it’s difficult to talk, so I’ll properly heal. !


Everyone, please also be careful of colds!


My bangs appear wet. I put on wax.

Well then.



The earlier blog’s title was the voice of a pigeon when threatening.


Good morninggg.


Somehow, recently, everyone’s been imitating me, making fun of me.



Kimi no haato ni… (laugh)
This is because Beri can’t do it by herself. Because it’s like that.
To give her momentum. (。-∀-)


Recently, I forgot what kind of voice my own voice is!

This is from before getting accepted in the Toriizaka audition.
Long hair. Black hair. Is there still a JK feeling?. During summer break. In the volleyball club. I wonder what this peace sign is. Good peanuts.


Well then.



2016.2.24 – Shida Manaka


Good evening!


I was able to appear on the streetJACK that releases today the 24th!!

My first streetJACK. !
Please definitely get your hands on it and take a look (*^。^*)


I really want to eat Mister Donut’s springy pont de ring.
There are people among the members who ate it, but it seems it’s very delicious.
Let’s eat it some time.

Circle K’s cheese tart was so delicious that it was surprising!
Each time I see it, it’s sold out. I more or less don’t get to buy it.


Right now I really want to eat something sweet.
I want sugar content.
I want hair.



I used to do this peace a lot in the past. (laugh)
The puri and such from elementary school had this sort of pose.


Well then.



Troublesome eyebrows.
2016.2.26 – Shida Manaka


If I want sugar content, then I will eat the chocolate for you who fights against the stressful society. !


Today I ate bread after a long time. !
In order not to have much wheat, I did that, so eating it after a long time is happinesh.


Speaking of that, since coming to Tokyo, I haven’t eaten ramen.
I want to eat Niigata’s ramen~.
I put on a lot of black pepper.
Where’s Tokyo’s recommended ramen shop. ?
Please tell me (・。・)?


There’s a bunch of foods~.


I’m not out of shampoo yet, but I bought a new one again.
That’s why right now, I have 3 bottles.
I’ll use the new one I bought for refilling ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝
Also, I bought a new treatment. The moment I opened the lid, it plopped down into the bath.


Black hair. Hello. Eyebrows. Downgraded.

Well then.



Sky Perfect! Music Festival.
2016.2.28 – Shida Manaka


Good evening!

Did you watch tonight’s Sky Perfect! Music Festival? ⸜ ( 。࿀。 ) ⸝

We sang Nogizaka46-san’s Seifuku no Mannequin and Kimi no Na wa Kibou!


I’m happy to wear a sailor uniform again.
Sailor uniforms are the cutest as expected, right.

It’d be nice to wear them again~.

What’s with this hand. (laugh)


Well then.



Senbatsu announcement.
2016.2.29 – Shida Manaka


There was the senbatsu announcement on yesterday’s broadcast.

Though I feel happy to start from the 2nd row, I also feel regretful.

But being able to be here, I’ll do my best from now on to properly hold the meaning of the position I am in.



Keyakizaka’s homepage has made a renewal.
The appearance. (laugh)


The homepage’s photo taken of everyone.
Risa and I were basically glaring and shot. (*^。^*)


Ah! Also, if you search up Keyakizaka46 on Yahoo, you can see everyone’s video.
I had a raspy voice from my lingering cold.
I wonder if there’s anyone who noticed. (laugh)


Well then.



Translator: Shino

Ah… As expected, Manaka’s so cute that I’m going to die. Some of her blogs are hard to put into English, like her “waves” of words that are more dynamic looking in Japanese or her weird English – writing out the English sound in hiragana or just her “happinesh” where she slurs “shiawase” so much that it becomes “piawape.”

If there’s any mistakes, please feel free to say.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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