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Shida Manaka blog posts 2015.12.10-31 (translated)

Some of the formatting for this section might be a bit wonky (spacing-wise) since I did some of the translation in a google docs (in a place without access to this site). But anyhow, the second half of December 2015.

Compilation 4? I suppose if it continues at this rate, Manaka blog post posts on this site will reach Zuumin’s numbers.

Translator: Shino


Fruits Crepe Bundle. ?
2015.12.10 – Shida Manaka


Good evening-wasshoi.


Today, I gave Miyu a late birthday congratulation.


I went to buy cake with Beri.


Thinking that of course it’s mont blanc, mont blanc.

Also another whose name that I don’t really know.

I can’t remember.


That’s why the name fruits crepe bundle might be good…


Okay ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


Miyu-Chestnut, congratulations.

From now, best regard-chestnuts ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Dekavita after working hard is two-times as delicious~.








Early to sleep, early to wake is the best.
2015.12.13 – Shida Manaka


Yahoo ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



Yesterday, breaking sweet boiled chestnut shells in my hand, I cut my hand ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

It’s a plainly painful thing.

It cut for the first time.

If I’m not carefulー



Although Beri always brings Aoko when she comes over to my room.


She basically steps on it, smashes it lying down on it, and throws it to the side.


Since she brings it every time, it’s precious, huh~ ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


I talked about it earlier. I was called ‘Mucho.’


( ˙-˙ )



Today is Keyakitte, Kakenai? right.

Please stay up just today to watch it ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

But as I think you have work or school, please record it and watch it ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝





FNS Music Festival.
2015.12.17 – Shida Manaka


Good morning.


Yesterday was the FNS Music Festival!


We were able to do Nogizaka-san’s songs with Nogizaka-san.


I was really happy to stand on the same stage as my admired Nogizaka-san.


Being nervous, the time passed in a blink of the eye, but I’m glad I had fun singing ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


I also appeared in Fortune Cookie.


I was really happy that the us who have no yet debuted could sing in such a blessed setting. I’m grateful.


From now on, I will grow more. I’ll do my best to sing a lot in front of everyone. !



The sailor fuku I admired |ω・)


It’s an outfit like the outfit of the final audition.





Short Text.
2015.12.18 – Shida Manaka


Good morning.


The weather’s been good since morning ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


It’s a photo from the time of the FNS Music Festival, !



Sailor fukus are cute as expected.


I wore a sailor fuku in middle school, so I’m happy to wear it again.


I feel like my hair got longer than before.





5th floor.
2015.12.19 – Shida Manaka


Good evening ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Recently, I went shopping with Risa.


As I had free time waiting for Risa, I ate ice cream alone.



The results of my worrying was these ice creams.


I’m the same age as Risa.



Once I went to the wrong place. I said “I’m on the 6th floor~” and waited.

But we didn’t meet.

When I took a look, I was on the 5th floor ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝




I had a lot of fun ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ






The name duffle coat seems delicious.
2015.12.19 – Shida Manaka


Though I’m wearing a coat, it’s too cold.


I want to go out with my futon wrapped around my body.


When it’s cold, riding a train seems like happiness. ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

When it becomes cold, it somehow gets lonely.


I got fed up with the smell of my shampoo. I want to buy a new one soon.


At first, it was a good smell, but I got used to it and had enough of it.


I’ll go out to find one. And bring Beri along  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


There might not be any shampoo whose smell lasts.


The smell of shampoo naturally dies down ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

I’m going out on a trip to find shampoo ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



I want to ride a bike.

Though not deciding where to go beforehand, I wanted to ride a bike. Lots of love for bicycles came out.


Riding a bike, I wanted to go as far as to the sea ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

Like starting at night and arriving at dawn. !



I want to eat egg biscuits.

Is it egg biscuits. ?
Round biscuits?





Happy day.
2015.12.20 – Shida Manaka


Good evening. ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ )


Today there was an emergency announcement, but I handed out flyers at Lalaport and Fujimi.


My shyness got in the way, and I couldn’t assertively distribute them.


But the people who I met for the first time kindly took them, and I was very happy.


There was also a handshake event starting at 12.


The handshake event people’s cheers were larger than I expected. I was shocked to the point of goosebumps.


Having my voice called out. Geez, I was truly happy. (*^。^*)


With people who also came to the omitatekai, there were also a lot of first timers. I had fun~ ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



It’d be nice to have another event where we can talk a lot.


Thank you very much for coming in the cold!

In order not to catch a cold, warm up in the bath, wrap up in the futon, and please quickly sleep.

But today’s Keyakake is definitely interesting~ …(゜▽゜)



Choco ball (*^。^*)

Delicious. !





2015.12.22 – Shida Manaka




In HUSTLE PRESS, I was in the Keyakizaka46 serial.


Me and Risa and Aoi.


It’s the first time for the 3 of us, so I think the relationship of us 3 from before can be known.


Pwease take look!!



Recently, Risa, Mana, Minami, and Oda Nana played volleyball.


As expected, Oda Nana’s interesting.


She properly confirms by talking with the person behind. (´・_・`)



Peashu Peace.

This is annoying, right. I’m sorry. (laugh)



(T/L Note: In this blog, she made some of her words baby-talk-like by replacing sounds with the sha, shi, shu, etc. Like sa because sha, so on. I tried to convey that.)



Indoor heating of the train.
2015.12.23 – Shida Manaka


Good evening.


I don’t really hate it when I have to ride the train for many stations.


I like long train rides.


Listening to the songs I like with a loud feeling sound is really happiness.


Recently, I finally remembered the song I like. I repeatedly listen to it.


Listening to a song I listened to just a bit before gives a kind of strange feeling ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



When sleeping, even though the loud sound from the earphones is noisy, you can sleep, huh.


Though I wake up in the middle from the noisiness.


The sleep is shallow. I see dreams everyday.


I hate scary dreams.

Although I’m scared of dream fortune telling, I’m curious.


I’ve gotten mad for real for things I saw in my dreams about 3 times recently (*^。^*)










Christmas also comes this year~.
2015.12.24 – Shida Manaka


It’s Christmas Eve (*^。^*)


Yesterday, I teased Oda Nana.


This year I laughed 1 (laugh)


Even though I teased her, Oda Nana didn’t get mad at all. Rather, she enthusiastically played with me.


The electricity went out. Oda Nana was the monster role.


It was fun~.

She’s really like a mama~.



I really like her.


Even though I said I like Oda Nana, she told me it was gross  ( ​´⚰` ​)


Geez, noo~.


Right now, I’m in the mood for wanting to eat chicken.


Christmas is as expected, somehow exciting.





I’m sleepy.





Merry Christmas. 
2015.12.25 – Shida Manaka


Merry Christmas  ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


In a little bit, Christmas will end, huh.


I spent Christmas with the Keyakizaka members.


We didn’t go see Keyakizaka’s Christmas lights.


I wanted to see them~ (´・_・`)


Let’s go see them next year. !


The night is cold, huh.


Drink hot cocoa and become warm!



A circle~ (´O`)





Hand warmer.
2015.12.28 – Shida Manaka


Hello  ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


Night and morning are too cold that I used 3 hand warmers. Holding 2 in my hands warms me up.

Hand warmers, thank you ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



New years is getting closer, and television is interesting to the middle of the night, so it’s happiness.



Recently, I bought wet sheets, but I messed up and resolutely cut the vinyl on the side, and they became just tissues.

Even though I hadn’t used one yet. (´・_・`)



Yesterday’s Keyakitte, Kakenai? was the haunted house.

It was really scary.

Nanako, I’m sorry.



Before this, I saw the Tokyo Tower close up.

As expected, seeing it close up is very pretty.


Next time, I want to go up it.



Recently, I’ve been into the comedian Koyabu Kazutoyo-san.

I want to try to do the Kazunyoro pose together ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝




(T/L Note: apparently wet sheets are those things that you put on those not-quite mop things that you use to wipe the floor. As you can see, I’m a person who doesn’t do any housework, so…  ウェットシート. I have no idea what exactly they’re called in English, so they’re just literally wet sheets to me.)


Sneakers are nice.
2015.12.29 – Shida Manaka


Good evening.


Recently, I bought the sneakers that I had alwaaaaaaaays wanted ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


I was troubled over a variety of Nike’s New Balance shoes. The shop worker helped me out, so worrying, I finally bought it ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝





Nike’s AIRMAS.


Cuteee. The sensation on my foot is good.


Geez. I’m super happy, !!! (*゚▽゚*)(*゚▽゚*)(*゚▽゚*)


Ufufufuha! ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝





I’ll definitely eat the skin of fried chicken.
2015.12.30 – Shida Manaka


Good evening. ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



Recently, I really want to eat fried chicken.

The skin and the pope’s nose. Gope’s nose? Which was it.


For New Year, everyone goes home. It’s honestly really lonely.


I want to meet with everyone.



Even though it’s only a bit of time, I’m really lonely.

I want to hear Oda Nana’s Onee talk soon.



The name Chloe is good.


Shida Chloe.  ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



Before, I got called Chloe a lot. A friend forcibly called me Chloe.

It didn’t get established at all though  ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝



Do you know BeriMona. ?






Thank you for this year.
2015.12.31 – Shida Manaka




I bought the thing that I wanted the most recently.


I love Shimazaki Haruka-san. I bought Shimazaki Haruka-san’s ParU.

I quickly read it (*^。^*)



This year also ends today.


This year was the year where I changed the most. I entered Keyakizaka this year and had many experiences.


I learned lots of things that I can’t learn from a normal high school life.


From now on I would like to have a chance to do the things that only I can do, I thought more.


Next year, more than this year, I’ll do my best in Keyakizaka46. (*^。^*)


To a good year!






2015 Manaka enters 2016! Entered, I suppose. 2016 was a brilliant year.


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