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Shida Manaka blog post 2018.1.10 (Translated)

2018.1.10 – Shida Manaka



Thank you for the handshake event.


I’m sorry for causing trouble by worrying you over my hyperventilation at Kouhaku.
Right now, I’m very lively. !

Please take care of me this year too.




Translator: Shino

The first blog post of 2018 for my oshimen. (Manaka is my oshimen from my heart, and Zuumin is my oshimen from my brain. Or maybe it’s the other way around.)

I’m glad she’s okay. At a recent handshake event, there were reports on twitter of people bad-talking her in the handshake line, saying things like she sucks and that they’re wasting their time with her. I really can’t stand that since Manaka’s a girl with a good heart even if she acts cool and is a little awkward sometimes.

As expected, I want to go meet her and tell her that I’ll support her.

Anyhow, you can find the raws here.


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