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Shida Manaka blog post 2016.9.6 (translated)

Shibuya no Oto
2016.9.6 – Shida Manaka




Thank you very much to those who watched Shibuya no Oto〜m(__)m

It was really fun. It was happiness.
As I’m bad at drawing, I drew while looking at a photo (laugh)

Earphones are important things to me.

But just yesterday, my earphones were gone. I always borrowed from the staff, but.
When I went home and thought I’d go to sleep, when I lifted up my futon, it fell out。!
I’m glad (laugh)



With members.
What’s with this awkward pose (laugh)
It’s like a pose where there’s still about one week to meeting.


I’m happy when I’m with my beloved members.


See you.


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