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Shida Manaka blog post 2016.9.21 (translated)

White army, red army. 
2016.9.21 – Shida Manaka




Me and Risa from Keyabingo.


In the middle of practicing lines.

It feels like the team leaders of the red group and white group at a sports festival.

Looking at this photo, we talked about how there are such people! (laugh)


The white group’s leader is lame! What’s on her head.



Tomorrow’s a handshake event。!

There are people who tell me “fish me!” but.
I can’t fish you, so.
I will do as much as possible if I’m requested. I’ll do to the scope I can do, so please.


Recently. I’m reading a book called My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday. If you have some recommended books, definitely tell me at the handshake event。!


I’m waiting with anticipation ( ˙O˙ )↑↑↑



See you tomorrow。!


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