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Shida Manaka blog post 2016.8.25 (translated)

2016.8.25 – Shida Manaka


Good morni-ng。!


We 5 appear in the anan-san that is coming out today!

In that anan-san _( :⁍ 」 )_
I’m really happy to appear in the magazines I admire this month.
This time the clothes I wore were really my type of clothes, so I had a fun photoshoot!
I think you can see expressions different than usual for us 5 again, so definitely, definitely get it ☆



It’s a photo Techi took where since there was a skateboard, I rode it and Pe-ta saw (*^。^*)

Even though if I can ride it, it’s cool.
Kickboard? Is it.
The thing where you kick the ground with one leg to go forward.

I’m really good at that one _( :⁍ 」 )_
Can everyone do it (laugh)




See you〜☆


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