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Shida Manaka blog post 2016.7.3 (translated)

2016.7.3 – Shida Manaka


Good evening-ham.


Today we appeared on THE MUSIC DAY (*^。^*)
I was really nervous.
But being able to sing in that wonderful place was really fun!

Please continually look forward to it ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


As recently I’ve done what I have to do bit by bit, I’m glad. (*^。^*)




Well then!



July raws here.

Using, we can still at least archive the raws of the past. I’m not sure if post by post, her blog posts are archived, but you can see all the posts on the monthly page.

On the left hand side, when you scroll down a bit, there will be a calendar-like navigation thing. Press the little < > shaped arrows to navigate from one month to the next. Or, you can change the url by month to navigate through months.

In the url, there’s also a part that says “ct=10” if you’ve followed the link to the July raws. The “ct=##” refers to the number of the member. Manaka is 10. (Alphabetical order, number 10 on the list of Keyaki members when it was 21 members) As Yone’s blogs and Zuumin’s blogs have also been archived by month, you can also manipulate that number to find their’s.


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