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Shida Manaka blog post 2016.7.17 (translated)

Stripe Yukata Fes.
2016.7.17 – Shida Manaka


Good evening、!


Today was Stripe Yukata Fes!
I was really happy to wear a yukata.

I had a taste of the summer mood!

I wonder if I’ll wear one again this year _( :⁍ 」 )_

Also thank you to the people who came m(_ _)m



The black and white yukata was cute~.
I want to wear it again _( :⁍ 」 )_


I want to taste more of the summer mood~.


See you~!



July raws with the power of

Speaking of yukata, Manaka looks very good in them. These are words from a completely unbiased person.


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