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Shida Manaka blog post 2016.3.3-3.21 (translated)

You can find the March raws here. This chunk here is the first half (questionable splitting, haha) of March.


9 more years.
2016.3.3 – Shida Manaka


It’s Hinamatsuri, isn’t it~.
Sushi rice with ingredients on top is delicious. t/l note: chirashi sushi
Vinegared rice is delicious, right (^-^)


Recently, I taught the Werewolf game to the members.
Fuu-chan, Beri, Oda-na, Aoi, Shii-chan, Akanen, Neru.

Basically, at first, Oda Nana was keeping an eye out. (laugh)
Neru was easy to understand. (laugh)
Beri basically said nothing.
Akanen was definitely the werewolf, I suspected. (laugh)


It was fun as everyone gradually got good at lying!
I want to do it again.


Also adding to the Werewolf game team, Yuuka and Miyu participated
We played Tag and Daruma-san Fell Over (*^。^*)


Beri and Yuuka’s 20 Team pursued us. I saw their sense of desperation. It was amusing (laugh)
Their way of running was awkward.


Recently 1 week has been fast to the point that it surprises me.
After all, today is already Thursday.
In a blink of an eye, it’ll be next week~.


Ah, a thing Beri recently says a lot is. “In 9 more years, I’ll be 30 years old.” (laugh)
I can’t see that~. Just looking at her is cute.


From middle school 3rd year.
I want hair ( ​´⚰` ​)


Well then!



2016.3.4 – Shida Manaka


Good evening. !


The Mechakari x Keyakizaka46 Instagram account has been made!
I’ll upload the clothes that I actually borrowed  (*^。^*)
Please definitely follow!
As the members’ comments are attached, please take a look.


Also tomorrow, I’m going to Osaka (*^。^*)
The event where I can talk to everyone after a long time is ready~. !
In addition, it’s Osaka, which is distant from Tokyo, so I’ll meet people who can’t really come to Tokyo!
I’m looking forward to it!
I wanted try going to Osaka once.
I wonder if I’ll hear lots of live Kansai-accent~.
Since I like Kansai-ben, I’m looking forward to it
I wonder if I’ll also try speaking in Kansai-ben.


That’s right!

Well then.



Osaka Handshake Event.
2016.3.5 – Shida Manaka


Good evening. !

Today was the handshake event at Osaka. Thank you very much (*^。^*)
We were able to finish without any problems. !
I was happy to hear live Kansai-ben in Osaka for the first time~!

It was easy to talk. I’d like to go to Osaka again~.
Next time, I want to do something like the Glico pose ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


Truly thank you very much for today!
Let’s meet again at the next handshake event~!
Thank you for coming in the cold!
Please be careful not to catch a cold!

I’ll come to Osaka again ^^

Face exercise. !

Well then!


2016.3.11 – Shida Manaka


Silent Majority will be our debut song!
The first time I heard the lyrics, I got goosebumps.


Although the CM only plays the chorus, for the chorus too the lyrics are very good lyrics that echo in my heart.

I remembered my thoughts when I got accepted into Toriizaka a little.

It’s difficult for me to talk to people about what I want to do, but there are many things that start from there, I think. That’s why,  listening to this song, I want lots of people to treasure their own wishes.

Please look forward to it (^-^)!


And today, 5 years have passed since the Tohoku earthquake.
Though time passes and memories become faded, I think we cannot forget about the events of this day.
I want to show gratitude that I am living right now.




Today was CDTV fes. !
Let’s have fun~ ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝




Well then.



Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka~!
2016.3.14 – Shida Manaka

t/l note: mannaka = middle


Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka~ (*^。^*)

Actually, at the start, I thought of a catchphrase. Like should I use this sort of catchphrase. (laugh)

Throwing out the “n” in Mannaka, it’ll because Manaka, so somehow. !

On the show’s survey, on the very first broadcast, I didn’t particularly spread it, so I hid it (。-∀-)


I’m happy that Hori-san uploaded the photo to her blog (T-T)
I was already too happy that Hori-san asked to take a picture with me. Though there was talk about later taking a picture again, in the commotion, we couldn’t take it.
Next time, I want to go try again and ask. (*^。^*)


I also was able to talk to Nishino-san since FNS. I was really too happy.


If I do my best!


Just now, I collided with Risa’s hand. Risa’s smartphone fell to the ground of the railroad platform.
Risa hyperventilated.

That’s a lie.
She pretended to hyperventilate. 。[email protected](・_・)@o。



Well then!



I am.
2016.3.17 – Shida Manaka


Yaho ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝


Recently I’ve been eating nothing but gummies~
Almond jelly gummies are too delicious (*^。^*)


Recently, while exercising, I talked with grannies, and I was very happy.
“Since you’re young, it’s good that you have strength~” (*^。^*)
Since long ago, I liked grandpas and grandmas, so I was happy.
As expected, exercise is great, ya. (Oda Nana style)


Though it’s a little, I appear in KERA’s May eddition!
Thank you very much!
I’m happy. !’s Mogami Moga-san is the cover!
Please definitely take a look m(_ _)m


Tomorrow, we have a solo live at the International Forum!
Let’s get excited!
Please watch it from the television too (*^。^*)



Today’s objective (Don’t be late to class!!) Especially Oda-san. BY Class Rep NeruNeruNe
BY Yone-sensei <(Don’t get tanned)


Risa and my strange photos (laugh)

Afterwards, the Omotenashikai’s blackboard’s contents (*^。^*)


Well then!



Countdown Live!
2016.3.19 – Shida Manaka


Thank you very much for the Countdown Live!
The green pen lights were very beautiful!
Your cheers also made me very happy!

More than nervousness, the feeling of having fun won. Time felt fast~ (*^。^*)


I was happy that I saw lots of my name!
There was also “Mona.” Mona seems to have soaked in ⸜ ( ˆ࿀ˆ ) ⸝

I was happy that there were also people wearing matching New Balances!


Also, I showed my catchphrase for the first time, but.
As expected, it’s embarrassing!
When practicing, I was already too embarrassed and couldn’t do it, but.
Somehow I did it. !


I wonder when the next time I’ll do it is~!


It’s the first time in a while I wrote a lot!

I forgot to take photos! (。-∀-)


That’s why this is the kind of good photo I took recently.

Big gathering!
Somehow, just looking at Beri’s shoes is cute~.
I wonder why.
Crocs ratio. Hard to understand.


Well then!



Straight in the center of your heart.
2016.3.21 – Shida Manaka


Manaka, Monaka, Mannaka (center), straight in the center of your heart~  (・。・)

Isn’t this idol-ish?
This was made playing during break time with staff!


Last time’s Keyakake.
Elementary school graduation album.
Somehow a round face. Anpanman!
Since I played around outside a lot, my face was also tanned.
Also, looking closely, I’m missing teeth (laugh)


Last time’s Keyakake. Why was my hair that short. Even I wondered.
Seeing it on television, it looks shorter.
I can’t wait for it to grow. I immediately cut it.
As a result, it looks like on-eyebrows.
The hair around my face is short. (・。・)

Every time Risa tells me to stop with Don’t cut it!, but I disregard her and cut it.

Quickly grow ou~!


Recently, we did a high school girl-esque thing.



Kimi no haato ni! Revolution!


Current purikura eyes are amazing, huh!
Skin looks smooth too.
Hair is glossy.


Well then!



Translator: Shino

That catchphrase died quickly, didn’t it? I’d like to see it again one day, haha.

Manaka uses a lot of slang. …what a youngster. Though I’m not older than her at all. If there are any mistakes, please do point them out~


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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