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Sasaki Mirei blog post 2018.4.10 (translated)

Wet-hair Miipan
2018.4.10 – Sasaki Mirei




I’m Sasaki Mirei!!




Wet-hair Miipan.



Aya, Miipan, and Shiho, us three, have the honor of appearing in the May edition of bis releasing on 3/31!!



It might be my 2nd time appearing in a fashion magazine in my life.
I’m still very nervous.


But it was very fun!!



Everyone, please check it out~🧚‍♀️



Now then, bi~bai. [T/L Note: bye-bye]


🍞 Sasaki Mirei 🍞


Translator: Shino

The ‘wet-hair Miipan’ that Mirei uses is actually a pun. Wet hair is read as “nuregami,” but she wrote “NuregaMiipan.”

You can find the raws here.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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