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  1. Thanks so much, finally great show with the great sub is here

  2. The streaming URL just gives me a 224003 error code. I tried with my browser plugins on and off, and I even tried a different browser which just gave me a browser-filling youtube video ad. Download link works fine.

    1. Aya-chan says:

      It can be like that sometimes. But I don’t recommend you turning off the adblocker because it has popup ads.
      Sorry, I don’t know where else to upload it. If DailyMotion, I need to cut the video into 3 parts due to DailyMotion limitations.

    2. vir46 says:

      I had same problem in safari but it worked in chrome so try switching browser.

  3. Christofer says:

    Thank you DS!

    I kinda like this program, its great to see all sakamichi together 😀

    The sub is great, totally looking forward to the next sub

  4. Mamatt says:

    Thanks Cubo-san for the translation.
    Thanks Shino-san for QC
    and Arigatougozaimasu Aya-chan for encoding.

    Keep it up, DS Team!

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