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Saito Fuyuka blog post 2018.12.15 (translated)

December 14 (971)
2018.12.15 – Saito Fuyuka

Good evening ☺︎︎

I usually don’t buy books, but some fire was lit, and I bought 3 books ✌︎
Even though I read slowly, I already finished reading 1 book. Even I was surprised!
When talking about books, it’s document book-like things, so it’s not things like novels, but right now there are novels I’m aiming for, so next time this too…!
If there are any novels you recommend, please tell me~ ☺︎︎
By the way, I like mystery genre and slightly scary ones.

Before this, I went to karaoke. I wanted to objectively hear my voice, and when I recorded and listened to it
it was different from what I expected, and I lost strength…
The sound in karaoke and the results in the bath are amazing, huh…
I’ll do my best to face my voice and become good. ☺︎︎

By the way, before this, I went out to eat with Suzumoto, Manaka, and Risa!
Because it was in a hurry, it was us 4, but next time we’ll have more people!!!

After meeting, I quickly felt Manaka loss.
When Manaka’s here, we’re always bursting out into laughter. I’m usually in a position where I tease more than I’m teased, but when Manaka’s here I get impressively played with. Her unreasonable requests are amazing! But that’s also really fun!
Will Manaka not multiply more~ I’ve recently thought that (laugh) Like 3 Manakas.

Also, Manaka and Risa were across from my seat, but
Ah~ I like ShidaRisa~ I felt.
Manaka and Risa, the parts where they seem to have fun being together, the parts where they like each other, they’re really, really transmitted, so looking at them is happiness… They have a balance so good that it can’t be put into words. It’s like they could be in an anime.
I thought that I want them to be together forever from now on. I thought that I want to watch them from the side. Who the heck.

Well then, see you later!

Saito Fuyuka

Raws here.

Also… I don’t know how to use WordPress’s new post editor, so the formatting is probably strange. Let’s see how it goes.

Thank you, Fuu-chan! (a Manaka oshi who feels intense Manaka loss)


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  1. Aya-chan says:

    lol yeah…the new editor is so bad and confusing. Your formatting looks fine though.

  2. Jsprite says:

    Thank you so much! I really miss that hotwire that is Manaka. I miss her care-free laugh the most.

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