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Saito Fuyuka blog post 2018.11.5 (translated)

November 4th (930)
2018.11.5 – Saito Fuyuka


Good evening ☺︎︎


Today, on November 4th,
the member Imaizumi Yui
has graduated.


To be honest, it still doesn’t feel real.
With my heart not organized,
today came.



To the point that I think that she was born with that smile,
she is always smiling.
No matter the place,
if Imaizumi is there, the place will become warm.
She’s that sort of member.


Going to and back from the lessons before our debut,
we would walk about 5 stations together everyday and head home.
If I look back on it, we just had a bunch of meaningless talk, but…


Her form from behind as she walked, carrying her guitar on her back
It looked like the guitar walking, so it was lovable.
Even now, I save that video
treasuringly. ☺︎︎


Writing out memories and stuff like this,
I thought that I should restrain myself,
but I ended up writing a little bit about it.


Imaizumi’s fans
have also come to my handshake event.
I was very happy about that too.
Thank you very much.



From now on,
I want her to live in an Imaizumi-like way.


I want her to definitely be happy.


And I want everyone
to be happy forever.



Just that is my wish. ☺︎︎




Well then, see you later.



(The blog number was coincidentally 930!)



Saito Fuyuka


Translator: Shino

Raws here.


Fuu-chan numbers her blogs. And this is the 930th one.

930. 9.30. September 30th. Do you remember what that date is?

It’s the birthday of Keyakizaka’s precious sun. Congratulations on your graduation, Zuumin. Although I… honestly haven’t been able to swallow it yet, I hope that Zuumin can be happy in the future.

Let’s keep supporting her from now on!


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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