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Ozeki Rika blog post 2017.12.20 (Translated)

422 Hunger 
2017.12.20 – Ozeki Rika


I bought clothes after a long time~ 

It’s lucky that there are sales everywhere as it’s the end of the year~ 

are you tidily advancing…?


Good evening~



Title: Covered with mud.


『3 Dimensional Mask』’s new CM has been released 

This is
an unique make-up? To say that…?
This is the first time having my photo shot with my face dirtied!!


Wearing the white outfit from the first released CM has also become strange.

Please stare at the television and watch the CM, okay. 


Waiting time



The Dani who eats the shrimp cracker.



I’m taking it, right?


I took it~  


Now then, until later~


Ah. I forgot about the subscription. 


Translator: Shino

You can find the raws here.

It’s Ozeki! Ozeki style!

To be honest though? Ozeki properly writes her blog. Ozeki is actually really cute once you look past the Ozeki style character she’s been stuck with on KeyaKake. (Ozeki and Uemura are cute. They’re really cute.)

Everyone, please properly take a look at all of the members in Keyakizaka.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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  1. Watanabe Miho blog, please

    1. Shino says:

      This person here has been translating the 2nd gen blogs, so you can find her blog translated here:

    2. BeMi says:

      Ah, thanks for information

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