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Oda Nana blog post 2018.2.5 (Translated)

Okita Souji
2018.2.5 – Oda Nana



Hello 🍊


Yesterday there were individual handshake events at Makuhari ✨


Thank you very much
to everyone who came‼️


Yesterday was Setsubun, huh 👹



Pe and I who are holding ehoroll
and Zumiko who is somehow holding a banana (laugh)



It’s not ehomaki.
I ate ehoroll (laugh)


Cute 👹



I like ZARA’s one piece 😘


Before this, I bought 3 of them (laugh)



Thank you for the flowers ☺️💓



The next individual handshake event is the 11th’s Yokohama ♪


I’m waiting for it 😆


Today’s Keyakake is
the Feeling Couple Location Shooting with Miyu 💓
Watch it, okay 👀


Today is up to here


Bye bye




Translator: Shino

It’s been a long time. Hopefully I can get back and translate Zuumin’s posts that I hadn’t had time to do.

Setsubun is a Japanese holiday where people throw beans at “demons” in order to exorcise evil spirits, spring cleaning or something like that. One of the traditional foods that they eat then is called ehomaki (a sushi roll thing). If you’re interested, you can go research it. My explanation might be a little strange, haha.

You can find the raws here.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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