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  1. Mamatt says:

    Thanks DS Team

  2. Shinichi46 says:

    Thank You So Much!
    Wakasama & Nanasemaruuu <3

  3. Hope you’ll make another journey too

  4. Obucal says:

    WOWOW. When i first saw the picture, i was confused since I thought this video had already been subbed, but then i remembered. It’s one of the few LONG videos that i’ve actually watched unsubbed(twice too). So to finally see it have subs is great. TYVM!

  5. Bails says:

    Says the file doesn’t exist? Can you fix? Many thanks in advance!

  6. unknownsensei says:

    Please reupload, the download site not working anymore.

  7. DS please reupload the download file since the one right now is not exist anymore. Thank you very much.

  8. Lacubo says:

    Link fixed

    1. mk says:

      Thank you very much

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