Nogizaka46 Hours TV 2nd Album Part 1 (English Subbed)

Translator: Aeila
Timer: Kanekotsugu
QC: Lacubo


Aeila is planning to fully translate this 46 Hours TV. Yeah, you read it right…FULLY. It may take some time and we’re going to release it part by part so it will be not too tiring for us. So…here we go…part 1, the first 26 minutes of 46 hours.

Project discontinue.


We’re sorry if there’s any error in our sub. Please let us know so we can fix it.





Contact me if you need any help in timing, typesetting or encoding for subbing Keyaki-related video or want to collaborate.

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  1. Spinnaker7 says:

    wow! thank you so much and it’s amazing that Aeila is attempting to sub all of it! you guys are the best!

  2. Can i get the soft sub for this because i already have the file? Thanks in advance

  3. thank you. so much!!!may god bless you!!!

  4. sakamichi fans says:

    this is great, thank you very much

  5. WHAT??? Like for real?

    I’m not even ever imagine that 46h TV will get fully subbed, i mean “46h” TV,
    If someone said, i will sub only “this part” then it does make sense, because we don’t want to watch everything on the show right??… or at least not for myself because i want it!

    Even if there is someone who willing to sub it, let say that they can finish it. It does take more than time to finish this, it needs bravery. FULLY SUB 46h its a total bravery 🙂
    It will taking so much time, even if you can finish it by the end of year, i guess its already so fast for subbing 46h

    appreciate your hardwrok for the fandom, will looking forward for the next release
    thank you 🙂

    *PS thank you for the 720p, Totally love it

  6. Thank you for the subs… Subbing this is no joke especially it is a full 46hrs… Don’t worry if there’s errors it is already forgiven…Anyway waiting for the 3rd gen part…

  7. As much as I appreciate it, the production of this whole show is poor and there are a lot of dull moments. I’d rewatch it with your subs but I sooooo want you guys to just pass on it and spend more time resting instead.

    Please, you’ve done good to us already, you don’t need to sub this.

  8. Teles Culva says:

    ^ Seconding Akemi right there. This entire 46 hours isn’t really worth your time. If you really want to sub it, you might as well cut out parts that isn’t interesting, which will trim it’s runtime to like 3-5 hours? I even then, I might not watch it >.<

  9. SasugaPostsStaff says:

    Just to note, to save your team some time. Prior to the “2nd Album Anniversary”. We have already subbed only Ikoma Rina’s Build-A-Tent Plan during this anniversary.

    We advice you skipped Ikoma’s part and focus on others instead to save some time.

  10. GnarlyStout says:

    IMO, not sub-worthy. Thanks, anyways.

    1. KooHara'sMakeUpBruises says:

      Agreed. I love Nogizaka but this whole 46 hours is coma-inducing.

  11. Aya-chan says:

    Alright, due to many people said it’s not worth it, I’ll make it clear that we’re not gonna sub the part that’s already been subbed by other subbing team and also we’re not gonna sub the concert part so the 46 hours may reduces to like 25+ hours or something.

    We’re currently working on part 2 and after it finish, we’re gonna make a poll whether to continue the rest of it or drop it. Hope you guys will participate in that poll later.

    1. Christofer says:

      Yup, just in case, don’t forget to put the link for the poll at s48

  12. As cool as the idea of subbing the whole 46 hour program to this, the show itself wasn’t well received even by Nogi fans in Japan, they rarely talk positively about it. Prefer other Nogi shows to get subbed, there’s plenty of good ones out there that haven’t been subbed.

  13. If not full subbed for this program, … I wish you will sub all the werewolf games parts…
    I like it… I’m sure there are many fans like this part.
    If you don’t mind to do that…

    1. Aya-chan says:

      The staff who used to work on this project has left the team so this project is discontinue. For werewolf game, iirc, it was already been subbed by other fansubs a long long time ago.

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