NogiKoi: The Voice of Summer – Sagara Iori EP1-EP5 (English Subbed)

Translator: Lacubo
Timer/Typesetter: Aya-chan
QC: Keishi

We’re sorry if there’s any imperfection in our sub. Let us know if there’s any error so we can improve it.

Ep1 – Ep3 Ep4 – Ep5 Bonus Video


P/S: I made this as the commemoration of Iori’s graduation. Hope you like it.

Notes: The video is not recorded by us so if the text disappear too fast for you, you need to pause the video before it disappear.

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  1. Christofer says:

    Wise Choice 🙂

    thank you

    1. Christofer says:

      Download this :

      i have the ending for kiichan, minami and Iori, i mean the recorded thing that each of them did

      i guess you will be happy to know their recorded video

    2. Lacubo says:

      Thanks but we already know that.
      The problem is the original video (in game) was on portrait mode but landscape state. Got what I mean? So, we let it pass.
      But it seems, yours are in a good state to be subbed.
      We’ll consider about it then.
      Thank you.

    3. Christofer says:

      Yes, i got what you mean 🙂

      thank you

      will looking forward to your next sub

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