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Nagasawa Nanako blog post 2017.11.29 (Translated)

I was surprised.
2017.11.29 – Nagasawa Nanako


Good evening.


Today was Best Artist 2017!

Have you watched it?


Somehow, we collaborated with the comedian Itou Asako-san to perform Kaze ni Fukaretemo!

Asako-san’s dance was really good and sharp. From the start to the end, she was passionately doing it with the members.

The sharp Asako-san in a suit was really cool!

I’ll preserve this forever~


A dance collaboration with TAKAHIRO-sensei also appeared on Best Artist 2017!!

We found out, watching it on television, just now. Everyone was really surprised!

Before Keyaki’s performance, he confirmed the choreography. I totally didn’t know. I’m surprised.

He’s an amazing person, huh. This is my true feeling…!

His dance has a different dimension of greatness, making me feel moved! Amazing, right~~



Pe-chan and Naako face-swap

Pe-chan is pretty!!!


Yone and Naako face-swap

Pretty good!
Yone is like a halfie!

It was interesting!


Thank you for reading up until the end.
Nagasawa Nanako


Translated by: Shino

You can find Naako’s original post here.


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