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Nagahama Neru Blog Post 2018.01.14 (Translated)

Bell, 262

Good evening 🌌


I was at a handshake event in Nagoya yesterday and today!!

Thank you everyone who came. ☺️


Since you all were there, we got to come.
I’m always so grateful.


My handshake parter was Nana!
Mikka Mikan~ (Oda Nana is a spokesperson for this Mikan brand)


She was so nice and relaxed. 🍊



When I went to Kagoshima for New Years, I thought to go to Sakurajima too.
I think that growing up while looking at the mountain was serene… 🤔


Also, Oda Nana’s hometown is in Mt. Fuji’s Shizuoka (Prefecture) and Nogizaka46’s Ozono Momoko is from Kagoshima too!



Isn’t it great~





Having the other members there made me happy.
I love them~

I can only say thank you.



I hope 2018 is a good year.


Woof 🐶


Naccho leant me the ears.



Thank you for reading.

Nagahama Neru


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Further reading on Oda Nana and Mikka Mikan here.

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