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Nagahama Neru Blog Post 2018.01.12 (Translated)

Three-Dimensional Object, 261


Good evening~ 🌊


Yesterday I had an event for my photobook in Nagasaki.

It snowed there, which is unusual for Nagasaki. ☃️


I was happy to relax and talk with everybody at yesterday’s event.
I really love everyone.☺️
I felt so happy and was touched by all the warm feelings.



I felt bad for all the people who waited outside the event area and the people I wasn’t able to meet.
Thank you so much for wating in the middle of the snowy cold. (´・_・`)


I’m going to work hard to come to Nagasaki again.


It would be great to be able to commute from Nagasaki everyday~~~



(On sale)

I’m on the cover of both Weekly Magazine and Weekly Shonen Champion.
I’m really grateful!

In Weekly Magazine I’m there together with Yukka.🐎



Thank you for reading my blog.
Nagahama Neru

Original Post

  • げん

    original; primitive; primary; fundamental; raw

  • ともがら

    comrade; fellow

  • はら

    field; plain; prairie; tundra; moor; wilderness

  • ばら

    suffixed to words indicating a class of people to create a plural (esp. in impolite contexts)


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