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Koike Minami blog post 2020.04.26 (translated)

2020.04.26 – Koike Minami


Hello, everyone- what flavor does herb tea have?

It’s almost 3 ‘oclock.
That’s snack time~

Recently I’ve been drinking banana smoothies. ‎☺︎

Just before, I put amazake
into a banana smoothie.

It was amazingly delicious…!

I’ve also been liking searching up
various banana smoothie recipes recently ‎☺︎

Leaving out the bananas,
if it’s a smoothie, I like it!

If you have any recommended smoothie recipes,
please do tell me!

Those who use the message app
have sent a lot of requests for half-twintails, so I’ve put my hair up in half-twintails for the first time in a while. ‎☺︎

Speaking of half-twintails,
I get reminded of when we were doing the drama~.

It’s nostalgic.
Back then, I was 17 years old.
Now I’m 21. This is scary, right?

From now on,
chances to wear half-twintails will more or less disappear. 😅

If you send lots of requests again,
there might be a day where I do again!

Aside from half-twintails,
if you have any hair style requests,
please do tell 🌼

Now then.

Today’s first song.

Alexandros-san / Starrrrrr

I like this song the most.
This song is definitely the way to start a day. ‪‪☺︎



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