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Koike Minami blog post 2017.11.29 (Translated)

Big Sister
2017.11.29 – Koike Minami


Everyone, good morning. It’s Yuuka’s birthday!


Let’s do our best today!


It’s been a while since the last morning blog post~


Today, November 29th, is the birthday of my beloved, beloved big sister, Yukka or Sugai Yuuka!

Happy birthday!


When I came to Tokyo, I really cried everyday from homesickness. I couldn’t get used to Tokyo at all, and it was a time when I still uneasy going out.

Yukka and Fuu-chan guided me around Tokyo.

Truly, I’m really happy that they invited me at that time and guided me around Tokyo.


Yukka always thinks about the members and properly watches over them, not just me.

That’s why, when the members are lacking tension, she notices quickly and inadvertently, she’ll have snuggled up to them.


Serving as the Keyakizaka46 captain, she always took the lead to bring the members together for the live MC.

Even though that role is so difficult, definitely not complaining, she puts her all into facing the task positively, always improving for the sake of the group. She is diligent and kind.


Always smiling, the kind Yuuka who fairly treats everyone, she sometimes has moments when she worries too.


Though I’m completely unreliable, I’d like to become reliable little by little.

To me, Yukka is an admired existence, a respected existence, an existence I want to protect by my side, a big sister-like existence. She is a very important existence.


From now on too, I want to talk a lot with Yukka, go out to play with her, go eat with her; I want to spend a lot of time together!

Let’s go eat together somewhere again~~


Let this be a good year for Yukka!


Now then, now then!

Yukka is my number 1 big sister!

I love her.




Translated by: Shino

You can find the original post here with the emoji Mii-chan used. Koike no Mii-chan is the cutest penguin in the group. I like her a lot, and her voice is cute too. Happy belated birthday to our horse power captain! The best big sister~


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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