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  1. foylage says:

    is there something wrong with the link or is the problem only occurs for me only? i cant access the link given nor download the content. do we need any permission to view?

    1. Aya-chan says:

      I’ve recheck the link using different browsers and different devices, there’s no problem at all with the link. Once I click, it immediately download the file. What kind of error did you receive? If there’s a screenshot, that would be better.

  2. foylage says:

    it seems the problem only occurred for my chrome browser for koike minami vid n nogi 4th gen docu vid. the link will open a new tab and that’s it. no download, no page loaded whatsoever. However, the other vids worked normally (keyaroom, zambi stage, 3rd gen docu etc.) in chrome browser. I can only download miichan n gen 4 vids when i opened using other browsers.

    1. Aya-chan says:

      That’s because this vid and Nogi 4th gen video were uploaded in different hosting (I don’t want to use MEGA anymore ’cause they’ve downgraded to 15 GB storage for free user now).
      So that means, you’ve successfully downloaded this vid, right? If you can download it with other browsers, perhaps it’s the extensions you installed in your browser that makes the link can’t be download.

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