Keyakizaka46 Songs Video Lyrics (English Sub)

Keyakizaka’s songs that doesn’t have any MV, I made video lyrics for it. I want the video size smaller so I use .WMV instead of .MP4. WMV is not compatible in every device or player so I suggest if you want to download, install IDM and it will automatically captured the download link for you if you start playing the video. The format will be in MP4 and the size will reduces by 50%. If you want in 480p, select 480p quality on the video (click on the Setting icon to change quality) and click the Download this video button. If you want in 720p, select 720p quality on the video setting.


Note: Starting from Abunakkashii Keikaku, I use .mp4 and the quality is much better. If I have the time, I’ll re-render all the .WMV video.

Kimi ga Inai (Translation: jujuchuu@STAGE48)

Jibun no Hitsugi (Translation: SzH@stage48)

Natsu no Hana wa Himawari Dake Janai (Translation: too much idea & Betty)

AM1:27 (Translation: too much idea & Mizukitty)

1-gyou dake no Airmail (Translation: too much idea, hmmero & ariadne32391)

Koko ni Nai Ashiato (Translation: too much idea, hmmero, ariadne32391)

Chinmoku shita Koibito yo (Translation: too much idea, ukifune)

Abunakkashii Keikaku (Translation: too much idea, hmmero, ariadne32391, saekokuga874)

Taiyou wa Miageru Hito wo Erabanai (Translation: POJI-PEACE)

NO WAR in the future (Translation: toomuchidea, Serisama & SUPER☆LeMON)

Yoake no Kodoku (Translation: toomuchidea)

Hanbun no Kioku (Translation: toomuchidea)


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