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  1. kresna says:

    what do you mean about relationship techi with the members?

    1. Aya-chan says:

      You know about Techi getting sick after FujiQ concert right? Techi looks soulless performing Abunakkashii Keikaku on TIF and they also need to perform Silent Majority without Techi (centerless SaiMajo) during their summer tour. The members were crying during that time (i bet there’s lot of drama behind the camera). Fans are very worry. So this song represents their relationship during that time. It is said that the lightning rod represents the member, who’s duty is to protect Techi.

    2. kresna says:

      aaah I see… i watch the mv over and over, watch the lyric too and it’s very sad… like “Positive3x you can stay the way you are… I’ll tolerate all ur nonsense, hide my presence and support you from away”

    3. Aya-chan says:

      This MV too is very deep. You need to observe the tiny details, then you can interpret and relate it to their relationship.

    4. kresna says:

      and i see the different when member dancing without techi and with techi… there’s a big different just like dancing in the forest and last dance scene… like something missing…. I feel very sad if techi (center) will replace with other member but she’s just a little girl with big responsibility…, i think the member feel techi’s pain for becoming a center, but maybe they afraid too for become center (replacing techi) because so hard become center (nobody front of you)

    5. Aya-chan says:

      yeah, there’s something missing when they dance with Techi and without Techi. It shows that, Techi is very important to everyone in the group. T^T that’s why they will protect her no matter what

    6. kresna says:

      yah I hope fans start to understand (Anti Techi) so hard to be center when u doing ur best and nobody front of you but all you’ve got it’s pain & bad comment from haters… Kanji Keyaki it’s not just “Techi” but every member it’s Kanji Keyaki… so if 1 member got hit from the outside world they’ll’ protect her no matter happen… I really got this song… so meaningful…

      just like the lyric “you always try to ask me something but end up swallowing your words…. by dressing up in secondhand clothing you become some else, hiding your true self, it’s all an act”

      it shows that Techi is quiet and shy person? when she got trouble she become Silent Majority??

  2. kresna says:

    I realize on this MV member’s not singing right? just flat expression

  3. Imaizumi and Uemura are not in the MV 🙁

    Any chance anyone knows what it says on the CD itself? All the other sources I’ve looked up online say it’s Senbatsu / Kanji that does the song. Guess perhaps they just couldn’t film the MV but are still provided vocals

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