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Kato Shiho blog post 2017.12.26 (Translated)

Surprise ( ・ω・)
2017.12.26 – Kato Shiho


Good evening!

I’m Hiragana Keyaki’s Kato Shiho.



A cake surprise for Natsucho (Ushio Sarina) and 🍞-chan (Sasaki Mirei)!
Happy birthday to the 2 of them~

Let this be a wonderful year.


Today, showroom was broadcasted!
Thank you very much to everyone who viewed it ☃️

Unfortunately, Kyouko (Saito Kyoko) went to sleep as her health was unwell, but… amazingly, the other members all appeared in a surprise!!

Wasn’t it a surprise (^。^)💓

I had fun on the SHOWROOM after a long time!

I want to do 1 individual broadcast within the year~
If the broadcast is decided, definitely come watch 😳


Though it’s not a photo from today…



I dyed my hair. !

Although I didn’t plan for it to be this dark, I somehow made a blunder and got this type of color…

But, this isn’t black! (laugh)

Thus, the people who like brown hair should be at ease. I’ll definitely quickly return to brown hair…


Limited edition! This was the super duper rare black haired Toshi-chan!!!



This was today’s photo.


As expected, brown hair is fitting! 😳


Kato Shiho


Translator: Shino

This might be the first time I’ve done one of Katoshi’s blogs. Eh, what is this girl calling her teammates? Mii-pan = bread. I understand, but… still. What an amazing world we live in. It’s way too moe.

You can find the raws here.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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