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Ishimori Nijika blog post 2017.12.2 (Translated)

Rainbow Colored ②
2017.12.2 – Ishimori Nijika


Good evening woof U・x・U


Good work this week!

Also, from today, it’s December~~

Will snow begin to fall?
Although Tokyo’s coldness still has a bit to go… ^^


What steps do you take against the cold?
It’s a battle for me everyday, living when it’s cold (°_°)
Fluffy socks really save me everyday!
As I’m a person whose feet get cold and body gets cold, so there are times where I stick handwarmers into my socks♩
But recommend this!



This month, the January edition of 『anan』releases on December 13 ♩
The theme is warmth!


And then…

I’m very thankful for the 7 person front page. Also, Keyakizaka46, and Hiragana Keyakizaka46 all appear!
I’m truly happy.

In the past, I really admired the members who were able to appear ^^

Secretly, in my heart, I thought “I’ll do my best in order to appear in this magazine!”

After the photo shooting, an embarrassing thing happened. I was so moved that I cried. After the shooting, my eyes became swollen as a result… (sweat)
I’m happy to have met so many kind and wonderful staff.

As writing too much will make my happiness go away… ^^

The January edition of 『anan』releases on December 13 ♩
Deliberately read it please ♫



A small thing…



Stay warm tomorrow too, okay… ♡


Ishimori Nijika

Translated by: Shino

You can find the raws here. I might skip a few Rainbow Colored or do them out of order.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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  1. Badkidz says:

    Nijika must be really grateful to be on front cover as part of front senbatsu 🙂

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