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Ishimori Nijika blog post 2017.12.1 (Translated)

Rainbow Colored.
2017.12.1 – Ishimori Nijika


Good evening woof U・x・U

Today, in a blink of the eye, November has ended~

Thank you for your hard work this month!


I’ve decided on the title of this time’s blog..

It’ll be Rainbow Colored. ^^


As I’ve turned 20, it’s become a bit more mature, but it’s still cute.

I’ve recently thought to put out a lot of blogs with a variety of colors to them with my own individuality.

This me who frankly doesn’t do decorations will improve this blog!


Again, thank you very much for reading the blog ♩
Somehow, reading the other members’ blogs, a lot of individuality comes out and are very fun.

That’s why, to make those who read my blog have more fun, I’ll stir up a blog with my individuality ^^


From now on, definitely, it will be fun to read ♩



…… ♩


With that said, Rainbow Colored blog’s first picture is,

my individuality.


The theme is Pet-Owner Selection.



Woof. (*´꒳`*)


Ishimori Nijika


Translated by: Shino

Isn’t Nijika cute? You can find the raws here. I wanted to translate some of her more recent posts, but since it’s all under her current topic of Rainbow Colored (Niji-iro), I thought that I might as well start from the first one.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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