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Imaizumi Yui blog post 2018.2.9 (Translated)

Enjoyable things ♪
2018.2.9 – Imaizumi Yui


Good evening ✩︎⡱


The 6th single handshake event schedule has been released!

The individual handshake event applications have also started ♪



I wonder which member is everyone going to meet~😚💕


Let’s meet her next~! With that sort of feeling, welcome ♪







…since it’s unexpectedly lonely.





Also, also,
I was selected for the 1st row in the 6th single.


With the 1st row since the 2nd single, it’s somehow a scenery that I can’t get used to. In order to not drag on everyone’s feet, I have to move forward! I have that impatient feeling but


I’ll be myself ♪


For the 6th single too,
please support Keyakizaka46, everyone!



See you later ◡̈⃝︎⋆︎*


Translator: Shino

Has everyone seen the 6th single MV’s previews yet? I’m dying. Zuumin is too cool. The MV is coming out in a few hours! Totally check it out. Rock you~

You can find the raws here.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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