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Imaizumi Yui blog post 2018.2.26 (Translated)

Even though I’m not allergic, my eyes.
2018.2.26 – Imaizumi Yui


Good evening ✩︎⡱


Thank you very much, the people who came to the 5th single’s special event today!


Talking with everyone is fun,
Unintentionally, I ended up chatting~


I’m sorry for the wait (*´・ ・*)


Since I was writing while talking,
I wrote the words wrong…




…these were the things I remembered. Laugh
I’m sorry 😭😭



If it’s good with you, use it to decorate ♪



Coming in the middle of this busy-ness,
Truly, thank you very much ⋆︎*




I appear with Koike Minami-chan in the B.L.T. that releases on February 24th!


…we served as the cover page!


Laughing throughout the day with the staff I like,
It was a really fun shooting 😚



It was Atami~~


Definitely, I would be happy if you took a look at it in your hands!


See you later


Translator: Shino

Somehow, haven’t I died a little bit during the past two weeks? Sorry! There’s a chance I won’t be able to translate all of Zuumin’s February posts.

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