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Imaizumi Yui blog post 2018.1.7 (Translated)

It seemed like we only took a big circle near the house.
2018.1.7 – Imaizumi Yui


Good evening ⋆︎*


Today, I was somehow in the mood to run, so
at night, I went on a run with my mom and onii-chan ٩( ⍢ )۶


Onii-chan said
“Follow me 😎”

“Ah! I’m well acquainted with the street over there! Follow me 😌” so I obediently followed ♪


Since it was onii-chan,
that he wasn’t running based on intuition made me uneasy ( ´・ ・` )



For a while, we ran.
We entered a long, narrow path.

Exiting here, we should come out on the main street! as he said that, I also this followed obediently ♪






Huh? We didn’t come out!!
Let’s continue for a bit more!!!






It’s okay! There aren’t any streets without exits! ✨
He was self-confident. laugh


Though we ran and ran and ran,
we didn’t exit to the main street at all. I wondered uneasily if we were really okay.



Eh, where is this (*´・д・)? he said.




…No way. laugh

If onii-chan doesn’t know,
mom and I also don’t know!!! laugh



…he was definitely running on intuition ( ¯•ω•¯ )


Since I thought that we wouldn’t be able to go home anymore,
I contacted my dad that “we’re lost” and he said “should I go pick you up with the car?”


I’ve never heard of being picked up by a car despite going out for a run. laugh

I don’t know where this is 😩😩


After wandering for about 1 hour, we finally reached home. laugh



Everyone, on the occasion you go running, please don’t follow your intuition to run ( ´・‿・`)



See you later (*Ü*)ノ”


Translator: Shino

You can find the raws here. Haha, Zuumin’s brother is interesting. I wonder which one this was. The oldest one?


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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