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Imaizumi Yui blog post 2018.1.5 (Translated)

Turning Over a New Leaf
2018.1.5 – Imaizumi Yui


Happy New Year 🎍✨


It’s dog year~
I’m somehow happy (∪・ェ・)


Last year, because I wasn’t able to properly take care of my health
I opened up a hole in my precious work. I’m truly sorry that I brought trouble to the members, staff, and officials.


I’m sorry that I also couldn’t
respond to any one of the fans’ expectations.


Health comes first✨
I think it would be good if I can endeavor to do work that’s difficult for me.


I want a year without regrets.

I’ll have fun with all my might~!



Please take care of me for this year too!


Translator: Shino

A-ah! Zuumin’s first blog post of the year! Happy New Year! Let 2018 be a healthy year for everyone! I’m going overboard, but I feel like crying from happiness at reading a new post from Zuumin. (Sorry, I think I’m addicted to this girl. Haha.)

The title, which I translated as “Turning Over a New Leaf,” is a four word idiom that means to change into a new self. I used an idiom that means the same thing instead of the literal translation. Ah, I sometimes get stuck on whether or not I should use the literal words or the meaning of the words.

No pictures in this post. But, you can find the raws here.


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  1. I wish you all the best for your future I love you Imaizumi yui and I’m your biggest fan ever.

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