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Imaizumi Yui blog post 2018.1.12 (Translated)

2018.1.12 – Imaizumi Yui


Good evening ✩︎⡱


Recently here!

Everyday is very dense, I feel like I’m passing a very enriching day ☆*.+


Days where I don’t do anything
also feel very enriching.


I wonder why (。-ˇ.ˇ-。)



I have a worrying personality.
When I go meet up with someone


What do I do if the train is late!
What do I do if I get lost on the path! thinking that type of thing, I go to the meeting place 30 minutes before the meeting…


Somehow, I think this is also fun. laugh



I look forward to seeing what kind of day tomorrow will be~ 💕


I also really look forward to the handshake event~ 😆✨



See you later ◡̈⃝︎⋆︎*


Translator: Shino

You can find the raws here.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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