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Imaizumi Yui blog post 2017.12.17 (Translated)

With sleepiness.
2017.12.17 – Imaizumi Yui


Good evening ⋆︎*


Ah~ Sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy.
It’s not okay. I can’t fall asleep~


Tolerate, tolerate.




When I noticed, I had fallen asleep  ⍤⃝
Ha~ clear.


…This, isn’t it too blissful?


I fought against sleepiness to the end,
but I lost in the end.


I like it though (っ ̯- )ᐝ laugh
I also like taking naps


Like on the train,
Ah, this person is definitely sleepy and doing his best to fight against sleepiness… Thinking that, I’ll cheer him on in my heart. laugh


Talking about this, I become sleepy~



Good night ✩︎⡱


Translator: Shino

Have you been converted to a Yui~maru yet? A Zuumin oshi? Since my oshimen Manaka doesn’t post enough (on mobame or blog), I’m being converted to a Yui~maru.

You can find the raws here.

Also, speaking of sleep, the 2nd generation member Kosaka Nao-chan is a blessing! She’s the best! When it comes to sleep. If you subscribe to her mobame, she sends a good night message around 10 every night. W-what a good kid… She even likes tofu hamburger. You should totally subscribe to her’s and Zumiko’s.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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