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Imaizumi Yui blog post 2017.11.26 (Translated)

Maybe it will come true~
2017.11.26 – Imaizumi Yui


Good evening.

Right now, I have a small dream.


Imaizumi Yui wants to build a house!
I want to buy a house!


Though I say small… it’s a rather big dream. laugh


As I’ve asked my dad “Buy a house~” so much, it looks like he’s laboriously putting money aside to live in an one-story house.

One story houses have a point to them.


Since I’m into buying clothes, I guess I can’t ask to buy a house. laugh


Returning home this time, “Isn’t an one story house good?” “It’ll be like the family is always close by!” seem to have been said.




It’s obviously impossible.

Thus, I’ll somehow buy one myself. laugh

It’s a dream I want to fulfill within 3 years. I’ll do my best!!



Good night.



Translated by: Shino

You can find the original post here to enjoy Zumiko’s wonderful emoji usage.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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  1. Badkidz says:

    hi, why not include the emoji in the translation?

    1. Shino says:

      Don’t know how to type them out. Keyaki’s blogs don’t let you select the text either, so I can’t copy and paste.

  2. Queso says:

    With a bit of hackery, you can copy the text with Google Chrome (and I presume other computer browsers as well).


    今、小さな夢があります*(ˊᵕˋ)* ੈ✩‧₊˚

    After opening the developer tools (under the “More Tools” sub-menu, there’s a button in upper-left corner of the tools pane that shows a pointer icon inside a square. Click that button, then click on the main section of the blog content, the tools pane should jump to the raw HTML of the blog post, highlighting a row that says:

    If you right-click that row and select Copy -> Copy Element, you’ll have the HTML version of the text in your clipboard, but it’ll still have HTML tags for things like line breaks. If you want to filter those out, you can just google for an HTML to text converter to get the plain text.

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